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# $EPIC: window_hold_slider.txt,v 1.4 2008/07/28 05:15:51 jnelson Exp $


window hold_slider <number>


Traditionally, when you turned hold mode on in ircII, you used the <enter> key (technically, the bind send_line keybinding) to “acknowledge” that you had read everything in the window. ircII would then scroll a full window of output before stopping again (and holding any further output). This means that if you go away for a while, only one windowfull of output ever appears between your explcit acknowledgements with the <enter> key.

Traditionally, when you turned hold mode on in EPIC, the contents of the window were frozen, and the only way to change what was on your display was with the scrollback keybindings. (ie, bind scroll_forward). When you turned hold_mode off, you were immediately rushed to the end of everything that had been held while you were in hold mode.

In order to reconcile these two very different views of hold_mode, this new operation was created. The <number> argument specifies how much of the window's contents should be permitted to scroll off each time you hit <enter>, at which point the client will begin holding new output. Each time you hit <enter>, then <number> also controls how much of the stuff that is being held will be unheld to your window.

To get traditional ircII behavior, set this value to 100, which means that a full window of output can scroll off between each time you press <enter>.

To get traditional EPIC behavior, set this value to 0, which means that holding occurs immediately and hitting the <enter> key will not unhold any output being held.


This operation first appeared in EPIC4-1.1.13.

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