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# $EPIC: nopaste.txt,v 1.2 2006/10/06 19:08:28 jnelson Exp $


load nopaste set nopaste ON set nopaste OFF


This script adds the set NOPASTE variable. When you set it on, it keeps you from flooding your current target by (accidentally) pasting text to your client screen. When you set it off, this protection is disabled. The default value is OFF.

The script works by computing the average amount of time it took for you to “type” the characters at the input prompt. If you “type” at a rate greater than 400 characters per second, the client assumes you have (accidentally) pasted something, and prohibits you from sending anything to the current target until your typing speed falls below 400 cps. This means that the first line of any paste will sneak through, but the second and subsequent lines will be suppressed.

The nopaste protection does not apply to commands: you can paste commands (that start with /) and they will be executed normally. The protection is only to keep you from flooding irc.

The script uses on input and so may conflict with other scripts that also use on input

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