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# $EPIC: pretend.txt,v 1.3 2006/08/19 04:05:34 sthalik Exp $


pretend <arguments>


The PRETEND command allows the client to “pretend” it received the given arguments from the server. It is intended only to be used inside a hook action. One possible use for this might be a highly customized scripted DCC system. It is mostly only of use with on RAW_IRC.

DANGER! You can PRETEND anything that the server might send you, which includes destructive things, like joins and parts and mode changes. So don't PRETEND those kinds of things unless they actually happened in real life.


To convert all CTCP ACTIONs to normal messages:

    on raw_irc "% PRIVMSG % :^VA^VACTION ^VA^V" {
       pretend $0-2 :(ACTION) $strip(^VA^V $4-)

Other Notes:

As previously mentioned, this command is only designed to be used as part of a hook action. Its behavior when not used in this manner is undefined.

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