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# $EPIC: usermode.txt,v 1.2 2006/08/20 17:37:08 sthalik Exp $




This function returns the client's current user mode for the specified server. It will accept either a server name or list number. If no server is given, the one for the current window is assumed.


The information returned with this function is identical to the contents of STATUS_UMODE in the status bar for the current server. It's useful for getting the current usermodes for hidden windows without switching to them. It is useful when used in conjunction with $winserv().


user mode string for current server (nothing if bad server or no modes)


$usermode()                      shows user mode for current server
$usermode(2)                     shows user mode for server #2
$usermode(          shows user mode on
$usermode(    no such server, returns nothing
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