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window rebuild_scrollback


The window rebuild_scrollback operator causes a window's scrollback buffer to be rebuilt, even if it doesn't need to be.

Normally, a window's scrollback buffer is rebuilt every time the number of columns is changed, either by resizing the screen, or by moving the window from a screen of one size to a screen of a different size.

A window's scrollback is rebuilt by deleting everything that is currently in the scrollback, and then redisplaying all of the lines that are in the window's lastlog buffer. This redisplaying is not done visibly, so that you would be distracted by the scrolling, but is done as an internal operation. The scrollback position, hold_mode position, and top-of-window position are all saved across the rebuild. If all goes well, you should not really notice anything.

It is worth noting that the new contents of the scrollback buffer are limited only to those values contained in the window's lastlog; if the scrollback is large, but the lastlog is small, then resizing the screen will cause scrollback lossage. If what was visible in your window before a rebuild is not available in your lastlog, it will not be visible after the rebuild; the window will be reset to the new top of scrollback (ie, as far back as it can go).


This operation first appeared in EPIC5-0.0.7

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