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This is the list of default keybindings that are created when you start up the client and any time you do bind -DEFAULTS after that.

Sequence Bound to
Control-A bind beginning_of_line
Control-B bind bold
Control-C bind self_insert – this sends SIGINT to epic
Control-D bind delete_character
Control-E bind end_of_line
Control-F bind blink
Control-G bind self_insert – this inserts a BEEP character
Control-H bind backspace – this is the <backspace> key
Control-I bind toggle_insert_mode – this is the <tab> key
Control-J bind send_line – this is the <enter> key
Control-K bind erase_to_end_of_line
Control-L bind refresh_screen
Control-M bind send_line – for some this is the <enter> key.
Control-O bind highlight_off
Control-Q bind quote_character
Control-S bind toggle_stop_screen
Control-T bind transpose_characters
Control-U bind erase_line
Control-V bind reverse
Control-W bind next_window
Control-Y bind yank_from_cutbuffer
Control-Z bind stop_irc
Control-_ bind underline
Control-? bind backspace – this is often the <delete> key

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