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CALL produces a gdb/dbx-like stack trace of the alias currently being executed. It returns a list of the commands currently being executed, tracing back from the current command, to the command that called it, and so forth until the CALL command itself it listed. A deeply nested alias might have the following alias stack:

    [ 0] call
    [ 1] go
    [ 2] get_set
    [ 3] get_ready
    [ 4] on_your_marks
    [ 5] /superalias

In this example, CALL was run from the “go” alias, which in turn was called from “get_set”, which was called from “get_ready”, and so on, all the way down to the original command executed.

Command names appear precisely as they are typed in (which means, if an alias is called with a / in front of it, the slash will appear in the stack listing). Additionally, in the (unlikely) event that EPIC were to crash, CALL is executed before the client terminates, to aid in debugging.


CALL first appeared in EPIC3.001.

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