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dcc resume [=]<nick> <file>


If a previous DCC GET file transfer from another person did not complete successfully, you may be left with a partial file. Normally, you would have to start over again, but if you are trying to get a very large file, you may not want to start over again.

Certain other irc clients for non-unix platforms implement this DCC transfer mode, whereby a file transfer which was previously incomplete may be resumed at the point the previous transfer stopped. The manner in which two clients negotiate a resumed transfer violates the irc protocol in two manners and so is in disfavor among certain people.

However, if violating the rules of irc doesn't bother you and the warning that using this feature could cause your connection to get into an infinite loop with another client doesn't alarm you, then you can use this feature to resume a previously incomplete /DCC GET.

It is necessary for your epic client to have been compiled with #define MIRC_BROKEN_DCC_RESUME (it is by default). You can check this by examining $info(o) and if it includes the letter 'i' then this was #define'd. It is necessary for you to have /SET MIRC_BROKEN_DCC_RESUME ON (it is OFF by default).

After you have taken these steps, you may use /DCC RESUME to restart the file transfer where it left off.

Not all remote clients are capable of DCC RESUME. If you attempt to DCC RESUME with someone whose client does not support it, the entire transfer may fail and you may have to start over. Check to make sure that the other person is OK with you doing DCC RESUME before you try.


To restart a transfer with joebob:

/dcc resume joebob somebigfile


The /DCC RESUME feature first appeared in EPIC4pre1.049.

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