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# $EPIC: set_metric_time.txt,v 1.2 2006/08/20 13:51:17 sthalik Exp $


set metric time [ON|OFF|TOGGLE]


For the discerning metric snob who turns his nose up at the idea of having to deal with such baroque concepts as “seconds”, “minutes” and “hours”, we offer Metric Time. Metric Time has only one unit of measure, the Day. When you turn metric_time on, EPIC begins to do all internal time processing strictly in milliday units. As a concession to those who are stuck in the slavery of antiquated systems, /TIMER, /PAUSE and /SLEEP continue to accept the obsolete unit “second”.

Metric time has no time zone – Time is measured in millidays since the beginning of the day in Universal Coordinated Time. The status bar will begin showing millidays, /ON TIMER and /ON IDLE will begin using millidays.

Metric Time is different from Swatch Time because Swatch Time is based on the time zone of the headquarters of the Swatch company, which is +0100.

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