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Overview of commands

Commands are the way for interacting with the client. They allow various tasks to be done - interacting with the remote server, changing client's user interface (including, but not limited to managing windows and changing key bindings), programming the client and much more.

Below is a list of all of the commands grouped by the domain they operate in.

IRC commands

inviteinvite a person to a channel
joinjoin a channel
kickforcibly remove a person from a channel
knocksend a message to a channel asking to invite you
meperform an action sent to a channel
modechange channel modes
namesretrieve a list of people attending a channel
partleave a channel
topicset achannel's topic
whoretrieve information about a channel or a person

IRC operator commands

connectlink to another server
deoprelinquish your operator privileges
dieshut down your server
killforcibly remove a person from a server
opergain operator privileges
rehashreload irc server's configuration file
restartrestart your server
squitunlink another server
wallopssend an announcement

Network-specific commands

rpingcheck a round-trip-time between you and an Undernet server
servlistread a list of IRCnet services
squeryquery an IRCnet service
silenceadd or remove a server-side ignore
upingcheck a round-trip time between you and an Undernet server
useripretrieve user's IP address on Undernet and Hybrid servers
usripretrieve user's IP address in old hybrid servers

Sending messages

ctcpsend request for information to a client
dccsend or receive a file or a client-to-client chat offer
msgsend a message to a person or a channel
noticesend a notice to a person or a channel
pingcheck a round-trip-time between you and given target
adminretrieve administrative whereabouts about a server
inforetrieve information about an irc server
luserssee how many users are connected to the network
mapsee a topological map of connected servers
motdsee the Message Of The Day
statsask a server for general purpose information
timesee system time of given server
traceretrieve information about a route between you and specified server and provide a list of local clients
versionretrieve server's irc server software version


awaymark yourself away
describesend an action to an arbitrary target
isoncheck whether people are online in an efficient way
linksretrieve a list of all servers
listlist all channels on a network
nickchange your nick
notifyclient interface to the /ison command
quotesend a raw message to an irc server
userhostretrieve user's hostname
wallchopssend a message to channel's operators
whoisretrieve detailed information about a user
whowasretrieve whois information about a user that has already left the server


Control flow

breakbreak out from a loop
continuemove to the next iteration of a loop
doa loop that's executed at least once
feciterate all characters in a string
feiterate all words in a string
forgeneral purpose loop
foreachiterate between items in a structure
ifconditional statement
repeatrepeat given command or block an arbitrary number of times
returnend a procedure and return a value
switchconditional statement for multiple possible values
unlessinverse conditional statement
untilexecute a loop until a condition is true
whileexecute a loop as long as a condition is true

Debugging information

abortcreate a core dump of EPIC process
allocdumpretrieve a log of all heap memory used by an EPIC process
callretrieve a “stack” trace of currently executed alias
xdebugaccess undocumented debugging features

Functions, commands and hooks

aliascreate a command or a function
bindassign an action to a key
hookthrow an on hook event
onexecute commands when specific event occurs
rbindcheck which keys are bound to given command
shookthrow an event for /on
stubcreate a load-on demand alias or assign

External scripting languages


assignassign a value to a variable
beepsend ^G to the terminal
blessextend the scope of a block
botmodedetach a client operating in “dumb mode” into the background
commentinsert a comment to script's source
deferexecute a command when the client is idle
dumpdelete your aliases, assigns and/or ons
echoecho some text to a terminal
evalexpand and execute a string
inputdisplay an input prompt to the user
input_chardisplay an input prompt for a single character
loadload a script from a file
localcreate a local variable
package“group” your assigns, aliases and similar with a common package name
parsekeyexecute a bind-specific function
pauseperform a non-blocking sleep
popremove last word of a variable
pretend“pretend” some text was received from a remote server
pushappend a word to the variable
queueschedule command(s) for later execution
redirectsend a copy of all output to given target
saysend text to the current channel
sendsend text to current channel or query
sendlinesend a line of text as it would be typed by the user in the input prompt
shiftremove the first word off of a variable
sleepperform a blocking sleep
stackstore aliases, variables, ons and others in a stack
subpackagecreate a branch in current package
timerrun a command or a block after some time had elapsed
typesimulate user keystrokes on the command line
unloadunload a script packaged by the package command
unshiftprepend a word to a variable
usleepperform a blocking sleep for given number of microseconds
waitwait for completion of a command
xechoprint some text with more control over where it will appear
xevalexecute a block in context of a window or a server
xquotesend raw text to an arbitrary server
xtypesimulare raw user keystrokes (without processing of binds

Commands with many subcommands

setdisplay or set one of EPIC's internal variables
windowmanipulate your windows

Server connections

disconnectclose your connection with a server
hostnameget or set your hostname used when connecting to a server
ircnamealias for set realname
reconnectdisconnect from a server and connect again
serverconnect to a server


byealias for /quit
cdperform a chdir(2) call
channelretrieve information about a channel or join one
clearclear all text from the current window
encryptmaintain a list of cipher keys with users or servers
execexecute an external command
exitalias for /quit
ignoreignore messages from given hostmasks
lastloggrep through lines previously sent to your screen
licenseread a software license for the EPIC software
mesgdisplay or set whether other system users can directly write to your terminal
querystart a private conversation with a person
quitexit your EPIC client
setenvset an environment variable
uncleardisplay text that was once cleared
whichget a full path for a script in your LOAD_PATH
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